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German The Hallanshakers



In May 2011 a new idea was born, after playing music together in sessions, and after some Guinness the idea became a new band:

The Hallanshakers

Since then The Hallanshakers have been playing folk music mainly from Germany, England, Scotland and France as well as tunes from all over Europe. The oldest songs and tunes were written in the 15th century, with us they sound less medieval but more folky. We love playing acoustically on small stages with perfect contact to the audience but we own a p.a. for larger events.

The Hallanshakers are:
Keith Macdonald
- accordion, French bagpipes, vocals
Antje McGibbie - accordion, vocals, bodhrán
Teddy McGibbie - vocals, guitar, Irish bouzouki, bodhrán

Regularly accompanied by:
Barbara Burgis-Dittmer - fiddle
Gregor Dittmer - guitar, bass

What is a Hallanshaker??
In Scots dialect, a Hallanshaker is a ragamuffin, vagabond or scoundrel
Here it is in the song Maggy Lauder:

“Wha wadna be in love
Wi' bonie Maggy Lauder?
A piper met her gaun to Fife,
And spier'd what was't they ca'd her?
Right scornfully she answer'd him,
"Begone, you hallanshaker;
"Jogg on your gate, you bladderskate,
"My name is Maggy Lauder."


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